Modular Cleanroom - Versawall III

Modular Wall Systems

Versawall III™ is ideal for applications where a clean area/zone needs to be adjacent to an equipment room or utility chase. Easy to modify, rearrange and expand. The studs make an ideal system to rack/hang process piping and equipment from. Bulk heading of equipment is easy.

modular wall system modular wall system

    Versawall III
  • Strut framing and batten with discreet panel (no exposed battens)
  • System is finished on one or both sides
  • Single side is typically used in service and equipment chase applications
  • Double side is typically used to provide a finished look on both sides as in a hallway.
  • 8ft - 20ft heights
  • Core materials include:
    • Plastic core
    • Aluminum honeycomb
  • Panel finishes include:
    • Factory white steel
    • Factory white galv-alum
    • FRP
    • Kydex
    • Pvc
    • Polypropylene
    • Stainless Steel

  • 2¼" - 6¼" thick system (strut and panel):
    • The strut/stud is typically 2", 3" or 6"
    • The panels are standard ¼" thick
    • (other thicknesses are available)
  • Strut framing system:
    • Steel (powder coat white or galvanized)
    • Aluminum strut (anodized or powder coat white)
  • Standard features:
    • Doors and hardware
    • Specialty hardware (panic, maglocks)
    • Windows- single and dual pane
    • Return air grilles (prefiltered and dampered)
    • Integrated convenience outlets, light switches
    • Finished openings for pass thrus, conveyors and utilities
    • Backing for hanging shelving