Modular Cleanroom - Versawall I

Modular Wall Systems

Versawall I™ is a simple economical solution to a modular wall requirement. It can be used in low to medium end cleanrooms and laboratories that don't require a high structural capacity. Finished on both sides it installs quickly and covers both basic performance and visual appeal (high tech look). It is versatile, can be easily relocated, expanded or modified.

    Versawall I
  • Aluminum batten/framing and panel system
  • Framing system and panels are finished identically both sides
  • 2" , 3" or 4" thick systems
  • 8', 10', or 12' heights
  • Framing system finishes include:
    • Anodized Aluminum
    • Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Panel finishes include:
    • Melamine-vinyl
    • High pressure plastic laminate
    • Kydex
    • FRP
    • Aluminum (factory enamel or anodized)

  • Core materials include:
    • Paper core
    • Foam core (styrene, poly iso)
    • Plastic core
    • Aluminum honeycomb
  • Standard features:
    • Doors and hardware
    • Specialty hardware (panic, maglocks)
    • Windows- single and dual pane
    • Return air grilles (prefiltered and dampered)
    • Integrated convenience outlets, light switches
    • Finished openings for pass thrus, conveyors and utilities
    • Backing for hanging shelving