Modular Wall Systems

Modular Construction for Quick and Easy Expansions and Classification Upgrades modular wall system

The Softwall Shop offers a variety of modular wall systems that range from the simple & cost effective (economical) to more elaborate finishes, cores, and structural capabilities (high end). Regardless of your requirements, it is likely that one of the Softwall Shop's Versawall™ modular wall systems will meet your needs. The modular wall systems can be purchased as a kit or on an installed basis. All the components will be prefabricated and quality checked to simplify the installation process. Versawall™ modular wall systems can be purchased as part of a modular cleanroom or for other requirements that you may have.

Versawall I Versawall II Versawall III
modular wall system
  • Easily modified or moved
  • Quick installation
  • Economical
modular wall system
  • High R-value, excellent insulation
  • Hidden internal framing
  • Load-bearing
modular wall system
  • Strut framing allows for easy hanging of equipment
  • Finished on one or both sides
  • Easily modified and moved