Modular Cleanroom - Versawall II

Modular Wall Systems

Versawall II™ is a simple to install, high R-value, structurally high performance (load bearing), minimimal seams for cleanability. Due to its high insulation value and structural capacity it is ideal for applications where one side of the wall will be in a unconditioned area or high humidity area and when used as a deck to support equipment or heavy ceiling loads.

modular wall system modular wall system

    Versawall II
  • Internal framing and integrated panel finish
  • No exposed battens
  • System is finished identically both sides
  • 2in, 3in, 4in or 5in thick systems
  • 8ft - 16ft heights
  • Panel finishes include:
    • Factory white steel
    • Factory white galv-alum
    • FRP
    • Kydex
    • PVC
    • Polypropylene
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum

  • Internal framing system (not exposed):
    • High density foam
    • Aluminum
    • Kiln dried wood
  • Core materials include:
    • Foam core (poly iso)
  • Standard features:
    • Doors and hardware
    • Specialty hardware (panic, maglocks)
    • Windows- single and dual pane
    • Return air grilles (prefiltered and dampered)
    • Integrated convenience outlets, light switches
    • Finished openings for pass throughs, conveyors and utilities
    • Backing for hanging shelving